Refreshing Index for iOS is the highest-traffic online news outlet in Hungary. I spent 2 years at Index, working on user research, design, illustrations and motion graphics.

I was part of a 3-person team restructuring and visually refreshing the Index iOS application in 2017. I was mainly responsible for research, information architecture and project management. The challenge was to make discovering and navigating a complex structure - publications, their sub-sections, content types (articles, videos, podcasts) and app functions (notifications, bookmarks, top charts) - simple and intuitive.

We started by doing user interviews to map out personas, scenarios and journeys. Then based on our learnings we moved key screens out from a hamburger menu to a tab bar, relocated sections to their own menu and added icons to make them easily findable. We also converted some list to horizontal scroll views to separtate and compactize them, and redrawn a few components to better align them with the brand.

We received a lot of positive reviews as a result, and increased our App Store rating from 3.7 to 4.6 .

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